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SEPTEMBER 30, 2020

New Follett Tags A Valuable "Search-and-Find" Resource for Educators

Teachers, Librarians Can Quickly Find Best Quality Materials for Classroom Collections

Shannon McClintock Miller knows firsthand the time she and her teacher-librarian peers can spend searching for standards-aligned resources and high-quality content – time that could better be spent with students. Created by teachers for teachers, Follett is introducing Follett Tags, unique curriculum tags designed to help teachers and librarians quickly find the best quality educational materials relevant to instruction. 

“Follett Tags bring it all together for me when I am searching for new materials and looking at what we already have within our library and classroom collections,” said Miller, K-12 district teacher librarian at Van Meter Community School District in Iowa. “With Follett Tags, I love how I can find out what a team of experts have brought together for me when trying to find the ‘perfect fit’ or making connections when looking for educationally and reader-relevant materials.” 

Follett’s team of experts apply real-life experience with students – as teachers, librarians, and administrators – to connect users with exemplary content, technology, and support. Educators can easily find quality titles by exploring a variety of genres, subjects, and themes; they, too, can dig deeper and discover materials to support teaching key skills, text structure, and writing styles. 

Follett Tags make it simple to find titles highlighting social-emotional learning as with Jory John’s The Bad Seed or human rights issues found in Tanya Lee Stone’s Girl Rising: Changing the World One Girl at a Time. And since every tag is clickable, teachers, and librarians can easily discover many more titles tagged with a particular theme, skill, or purpose. 

“Follett Tags have been such a wonderful new addition to how I search and find the best materials that fit with my students and school community,” Miller added. “It's a lifesaver when collaborating with classroom teachers and administrators too, as we can make the best selections and decisions for our district with Follett Tags.” 

Miller predicts “Tag Explorer” will be a popular feature as it enables users to explore titles across multiple points of view, providing insight into a variety of subjects, skills, and cross-curricular applications. 

Follett Tags can be found in Titlewave®, which is used by more than 12,000 educators on a daily basis to discover and buy print and digital content to help build curriculum and support learning. To learn more about Follett Tags, and to sign up for free on Follett Titlewave®, visit

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