Success Stories

Read success stories on how customers are using Follett products and services to meet a particular need within their schools or districts. Each of the case studies takes you through a background on the school, introduces the challenge, explains the solution, and ends with the results.

These case studies, stories, and testimonials are a great way to get to know more about what Follett products can do for your school or district.

Follett Aspen® Case Study: Wrentham Public Schools

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced school districts across the country to close, many searched for new ways to approach old processes. Wrentham Public Schools harnessed the power of Follett Aspen® Student Information System to quickly and easily register kindergartners for the upcoming school year – all through a secure online portal that expedites the verification process.

Rockford Public Schools Case Study

To maximize limited instructional time while enhancing literacy skills and content knowledge, Rockford Public Schools took an innovative approach when building an integrated literacy curriculum that combined four content areas: language arts, science, social science, and health. Their vision was unique: each of the content areas would be aligned with authentic trade books that would spark student excitement and interaction. However, during a recent three-year review, Rockford’s K-5 Curriculum Leadership Teams (CLTs) determined the resources being used did not effectively align to the Integrated Literacy Curriculum. 

Fulton County Case Study 2020, Follett Destiny® Resource Manager

District solves textbook inventory challenges with Follett Destiny®, saving time and money.

Barrington CUSD Case Study 2020, Follett Destiny® Resource Manager

Spring 2020 look back at Barrington’s 2013 Follett Destiny® Resource Manager Implementation. In 2013 Barrington Community Unit School District 220 in northwest Illinois adopted Follett Destiny® Resource Manager. Now, looking back over the last seven years, this case study shows how this district successfully implemented 1:1 across all schools and departments. Read more to understand the role that the software played in the transition.  

Albuquerque Public Schools Curriculum Alignment Service and Titlewave® Case Study

With the help of Follett, Albuquerque Public Schools’ innovative program brings culturally relevant and bilingual books into the homes of local families. Follett is proud to work with the district to determine which books are right for its student body and to accomplish its goals.

Northwest Independent School District (ISD) Case Study, Follett Destiny® Resource Manager

The Northwest Independent School District (ISD) is one of Texas’ fastest-growing districts. In this case study, discover how Follett Destiny® Resource Manager is helping streamlining their asset tracking efforts.

Newton Public Schools and Follett Aspen® Case Study

Follett Aspen® helps Newton Public Schools surpass their needs and meet state reporting requirements.

Quincy, MA, and Follett Aspen® SIS Case Study

This case study highlights Follett Aspen® Student Information System at Quincy Public Schools in Quincy, Massachusetts.

IB School, National School Library Program of the Year Award (NSLPY) 2018 Case Study

Robert E. Lee High School is an accredited International Baccalaureate® (IBO) World School that serves more than 1,700 students in Grades 9-12. One of the smallest high schools in Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), Lee has a very diverse student body. Its students speak over 25 languages and represent over 61 countries. The school’s mission is to prepare students to be global citizens by challenging them academically; connecting school learning to their futures; and providing a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. The Lee school library and school librarians Marquet and Koch are critical to ensuring the mission succeeds.

Knox County, TN, and Follett Aspen® SIS Case Study

For years, Knox County, a large district of 90 schools, struggled with multiple databases and a frustrating, inflexible student information system. Their IT district team leader and Chief Technology Officer made it their mission to find a better way, and they found Follett Aspen® Student Information System.

Littleton, MA, and Follett Aspen® SIS Case Study

Conquer the student data mountain in a single bound with Follett Aspen® Student Information System. This case study highlights Littleton, Massachusetts, Public Schools.

Merced City School District (MCSD) Case Study

Administrators at Merced City School District (MCSD) had an ambitious goal: to create an innovative, 21st-century library program that featured a STEAM innovation space or Makerspace at all 18 of Merced City School District’s sites. Paula Heupel, MCSD’s Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, recognized this as a tough challenge. However, after more than 28 years as a Follett customer, Heupel was confident that working with Follett would be a vital step in achieving the lofty goal.

Future Ready Instructional Partnership with Longwood Elementary Case Study

Turn an elementary school library into the heart of a school while promoting communication and critical thinking. This case study highlights Longwood Elementary School in Indian Prairie School District 204 in Naperville, Illinois.

Future Ready Content Access and Curation Lawrence, KS, Public Schools Case Study

A story of inclusion and transformation has helped students become future ready, and it started with a desire to increase engagement and improve access to a broader range of resources. This case study highlights Lawrence Public Schools in Lawrence, Kansas.

Follett Collections by Destiny® and West Warwick, RI, Case Study

Curating content in one place is easy with Follett Collections by Destiny®. This case study highlights West Warwick Public Schools in West Warwick, Rhode Island.

Future Ready and Citizenship Waubonsie Valley Case Study

Digital citizenship makes the school library a cutting-edge environment. This case study highlights Waubonsie Valley High School in Aurora, Illinois.

New School and GEMS Academy Case Study

A new school needed a library in record time. This case study highlights the GEMS Academy in Chicago, Illinois.

Follett Destiny® Queretaro Case Study

An innovative librarian transforms the school library into a world-class learning center. This case study highlights John F. Kennedy American School in Queretaro, Mexico.

Genrefication Equality Charter Case Study

Follett helps create a culture of reading through genrefication. This case study highlights Equality Charter School in the Bronx, New York.

Follett Destiny® eBooks, Digital, and Clay Hill Elementary Case Study

eBooks, Follett Destiny® and digital, devices: a formula for literacy success. This case study highlights Clay Hill Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida.

Book eFair Testimonial – Bridget Crossman

As a Library Media Specialist at Lake George Elementary School in New York, Bridget Crossman was determined to rise to this challenge to continue engaging students and exciting them about reading during the pandemic. She was able to do just that with Follett Book eFairs.

Book Fair Testimonial – Alisa Mason

Alisa Mason is a library media specialist who has held two book fairs a year over the past 16 years, and says Follett Book Fairs are ‘head and shoulders above the rest.’ There are a diverse range of topics and characters in the Follett Book Fair, which allows the students to see themselves within the pages of a book.

Follett Destiny® Library Manager Testimonial – Dorman High School

Cathy Jo Nelson, school librarian at Paul M. Dorman High School, explains how she uses Follett Destiny® Library Manager. This testimonial highlights Dorman High School in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Follett Destiny® Barcoding Testimonial – St. Mary's County, MD

St. Mary's County Public Schools in St. Mary's County, Maryland, is a district of over 18,000 students. Their testimonial highlights how they found success in tracking inventory.

Follett Collections by Destiny® – Stacia Wagers and Bill Bass Testimonial

See how Parkway School District uses Follett Collections by Destiny® to build partnerships and help students access appropriate materials. This testimonial highlights Shenandoah Valley Elementary School in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Lightbox Testimonial – NGSS Library Media Specialist Anne Marie Doyle

With her district implementing the Next Generation Science Standards, Library Media Specialist Anne Marie Doyle was eager to find a way to better support faculty and students with innovative materials needed for the change. When Doyle learned about Lightbox™ titles on Titlewave® in the fall of the 2017-2018 school year, she immediately met with her Follett representative and placed an order.

New Library Testimonial – Arlene Baldwin

Clearspring Middle School used Follett Destiny® Library Manager and Titlewave® to rethink their library, leading to increased circulation numbers. This testimonial highlights Clearspring Middle School in Hanover School District in Steinbach, Manitoba.

Managed Services Testimonial – Colette Bennett, West Haven, CT

This district's digital conversion delivers 21st-century efficiency and access. This testimonial highlights West Haven Public Schools in Connecticut.

Follett Destiny® Resource Manager Testimonial – Tami Davis

This district made a successful transition from Follett Destiny® Textbook Manager to Follett Destiny® Resource Manager. This testimonial highlights the Santa Ana Unified School District in Santa Ana, California.

International Baccalaureate® (IB) Testimonial – International School of Dusseldorf

This long-time Follett customer is celebrating Follett's exclusive partnership with the International Baccalaureate®. This testimonial highlights the International School of Dusseldorf, Germany.

Aspen® SIS Testimonial – McCann Technical School

After leaving Follett Aspen® Student Information System for another SIS, this school came back to Aspen because of Follett's customer service. This testimonial highlights McCann Technical School in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Book eFair Testimonial – Carol Linderman

After 20 years as a teacher and dozens of flyer-based book orders, Carol Linderman was looking for a more user-friendly book fair option. She turned to Follett Book eFairs and found the ordering process to be easy and engaging for students and their families, especially non-English speaking households.

Book Fair Testimonial – Susan Landers

Susan Landers has hosted well over 100 book fairs in her more than 20 years as a school librarian. Her number one goal with any book fair is to get kids excited about books and reading, and that is just what Follett offers – a focus on an abundant selection of books in every genre and price range, not on trinkets.

White Papers

The Allure of Using Big Data Sets – Follett Aspen® SIS White Paper

This Follett Aspen® Student Information System article highlights West Warwick Public Schools in Rhode Island and is centered around the theme The Allure of Using Big Data Sets.

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This Follett Aspen® Student Information System article highlights West Warwick Public Schools in Rhode Island and is centered around the theme Using Aspen to Implement the Common Core.

What Real Data Can Tell Us About Student Achievement – Follett Aspen® SIS White Paper

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Using Follett Aspen® SIS to Navigate New Educational Waters White Paper

This Follett Aspen® Student Information System article highlights West Warwick Public Schools in Rhode Island and is centered around the theme Using Aspen SIS to Navigate New Educational Waters.

Follett Collections by Destiny® and West Warwick, RI, White Paper

West Warwick, Rhode Island, has a much higher poverty rate and lower median income than surrounding communities. With a vulnerable population and limited funds, West Warwick Public Schools needed a way to increase student, teacher, and parent access to district-created resources. WWPS participated in Follett’s early adopter program for Follett Collections by Destiny®.

Follett Aspen® SIS Implementation and Customization White Paper

This Follett Aspen® Student Information System article highlights West Warwick Public Schools in Rhode Island and is centered around the themes of implementation and customization.