Digital Content Repository

Follett MyDestiny

Renew your confidence in eLearning, create lessons in minutes using teacher-recommended resources, and get real-time analytics on student progress with Follett MyDestiny™.

Digital Content Repository

What is a digital content repository?
An effective learning platform gives administrators, teachers, librarians, and students the tools, pathways, and insights to improve student achievement and literacy. Follett MyDestiny gives educators the tools to instantly align content to standards, identify learning gaps, track progress and comprehension, and recommend resources wherever students need them most, whether in eLearning, distance learning, hybrid, or in-person learning.

How does Follett MyDestiny work?
Follett MyDestiny elevates your LMS, SIS, and other learning platforms through advanced lesson planning tools and access to educator-vetted content.

  • Trust what your students are researching with over 50,000 multi-user eBooks and 100,000 digital resources (educator-vetted and checked nightly).
  • Take back your weekends! Create lessons in minutes instead of hours.
  • Get real-time analytics on student progress.
  • Connect reports and resources seamlessly with Google Classroom™ and Follett Destiny® integration. Plus, new connection and analysis options are continually being added.
  • Go beyond training with professional development resources that get into the latest research on student success.

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