Online Book Fairs

Take your book fair online! Follett Book eFairs are an easy, contactless way to ensure students have access to great books, while you earn rewards for your school. You can get your online book fair up and running in just a few minutes. Support reading at home by getting more books to your students. You can receive the books at your school for distribution or have them sent directly to your students’ homes. Now, family and friends can shop your online fair, near or far.

The Right Mix of Books

We offer five different, targeted fairs for your convenience: Grades K-3, K-6, K-8, 4-6, and middle school. Your eFair will have the perfect blend of reading levels and topics.

10-Minute Setup

You can get an eFair up and running in just a few minutes. Pick your dates and share your selection, or spend a few more minutes making your own recommendations.

Generous Rewards

Choose from two generous rewards options, including credit to shop on Titlewave®. eFairs give you back up to 40% of your earnings.

What is an eFair?
Follett Book eFair is a convenient way for schools to raise funds and further support reading at home. Our online fairs can support all schools, whether you are on-site, virtual learning, or a mixture of both.

Who can host an eFair?
Our eFairs are open to K-8 public and private schools in the United States. We hope to expand to other locations in the US and international schools in the future. eFairs are typically run by a school librarian or PTO/PTA volunteer.

How does it help? 
Research shows that when children read more at home, they do better at school. This eFair is convenient and gives your students and parents easy access to titles that they know and love. Plus, the more sales you have on your eFair, the more rewards you can earn for your school.

What is the process?
Setting up and running an online book fair is easy! Here is how it will work:

  • Set up the eFair online and decide if you want the books shipped to you at the school or if you want books to ship to students’ homes. The choice applies to all orders for your event.
  • Make sure you advertise the eFair on social media, email, and any other ways that you communicate with teachers and families.
  • Share an eFair code and highlight flyers with your families to allow them to shop your eFair.
  • If you choose to have books ship to your school, you will sort and distribute the books when they arrive at the school. That’s it!

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