On-site Book Fairs

Follett Book Fairs empower students to choose books they would like to read, while you earn generous rewards for your school to further support the initiatives important to you. From favorite characters and series to the hottest new releases, we have something for every reader. Plus, each book fair comes with an online companion fair to allow family and friends to shop your event from the comfort of their homes.

Follett Book Fairs offer a variety of fundraising opportunities, which support your school and students.

The Right Mix of Books

We offer fairs targeted to four different grade ranges: K-3, K-6, K-8, and 4-6. Your fair will have the perfect blend of reading levels and topics.

Two People, 30 Minutes

Who says book fair setup has to take all day? With a Follett Book Fair, it takes 30 minutes to set up a fair, and you don’t need a roomful of volunteers.

Flexible Rewards

Choose from three reward options: credit to shop on Titlewave®, keeping unsold books, or a cash reward. Can't decide? Combine the options any way you want. Best of all, your rewards NEVER EXPIRE!


30 Minute Setup
It takes two volunteers an average of 30 minutes to set up, thanks to our pre-merchandised cases.

Book Selection
From award-winning books and graphic novels to the most popular titles, including princess and superhero stories, there’s something for every reader.

Rewards Program
When running a Follett Book Fair, you’ll have the choice to earn your rewards in cash, books, or credit to shop on Titlewave®.

Promotional Materials
Prior to your fair, you’ll receive a Marketing Must-Haves kit containing promotional resources, posters, flyers, and a step-by-step guide. You’ll also have access to downloadable materials to support special events and promotions.

Low-Touch Suggestions
Get your students reading and keep your school community safe with our low-touch options and resources.

Whether you’re new to book fairs or you’re a seasoned veteran, you’ll find helpful hints and worthwhile resources with our online webinar.

Insider App
Once your fair is booked, you'll have access to the Follett Book Fair Insider. This exclusive website and app features downloadable resources and helpful tools to maximize your experience.

Book Fair Gift Cards
Purchase a gift card for your on-site or online fair by simply selecting your gift card amount, print or email it and no expiration date.

Book Fairs Made Easy

Why host an on-site book fair?
Follett Book Fairs offer a wide variety of books, including the latest titles, award winners, and series completions. With a Follett Book Fair, it’s possible to get a book into the hands of every student, thanks to our varied price points. Book fairs support readers of all ages, bring families together to celebrate literacy, and enrich school and classroom libraries.

How does it help a school or community?
Everyone wins when you host a Follett Book Fair! There’s no limit to what you can do with the rewards your fair earns, whether you choose to support school initiatives with cash or use your rewards to fill your shelves with new books. Librarians, teachers, and coordinators also appreciate the robust rewards options, which offer 40% back on every purchase, that can be redeemed for books and other Follett materials. Best of all, your rewards never expire!

Community Partnerships
Community partnerships are a great way to promote your Follett Book Fair outside of your school community. Encourage local businesses to support your fair by purchasing gift cards that allow students who might be unable to participate to still shop the fair. Gift cards are a great way to reward students and share the gift of reading with everyone in your school.

While a book fair is often a fundraiser for a school – either to support other programs financially or to purchase books to update the library – it can also be a great time to support those members of your school community who need it.

What is the process?
Follett Book Fairs are simple, rewarding, and packed with a wide selection of the books that students want. Whether you are new to hosting a book fair or a seasoned veteran, we are here to help. Your dedicated Book Fair Coordinator will walk you through every step. Along the way, you’ll be able to attend an online workshop and a virtual book fair to learn the secrets of hosting a successful book fair.

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