FEBRUARY 10, 2022

Using Picture Books as Mentor Text


Join this lively presentation during which we will share how you can use picture books as powerful mentor texts for reading comprehension. Help students learn to engage with text and think critically about what they are reading.

Hosted by engaging author Adrienne Gear, this lively session explores how you can use picture books as powerful mentor texts for building reading comprehension. Many educators realize that, for students, a literal understanding of text is a thing of the past. It is no longer sufficient to have students memorize facts or answer simple comprehension questions. (Not to mention the fact that it’s boring!) Now, more than ever, students need to learn how to think critically, engage with text, and learn how to breathe life into what they are reading. Adrienne Gear will share ideas from her popular books Reading Power and Powerful Understanding. The author’s practical model lessons will help educators show students how to deepen their comprehension and engage in more meaningful reading experiences. Many samples of lessons in action and favorite Reading Power anchor books will be shared. 

  • Model lessons of key comprehension strategies using picture books as mentor texts
  • Adrienne’s “top picks” picture books to use with reading strategies
  • Practical lessons, ideas, and anchor books teachers can use right away

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