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NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Follett Book eFairs Enhance Shipping Options to Include Students’ Homes


New Safe, Contact-Free Delivery Option Provides Welcome Choice for Coordinators

Follett Book eFairs continue to grow in popularity due to their streamlined setup and the ease with which coordinators can carry them out. Yet another convenient feature was added today when Follett announced it will ship online book fair orders directly to students’ homes.  

Online book fair coordinators can now choose to have books shipped to either the school or students’ home — a convenience that Britten Follett knows will be met with applause from educators as well as elementary and middle school students and their families.  

“With distance learning still in place at many schools nationwide, this safe, contact-free shipping option will be welcome news,” said Follett, Executive Vice President of Follett School Solutions. “As soon as the online order is placed and the students’ home address are entered, the books will ship immediately. We can only imagine the excitement level for students on the day their books arrive at the front door.”  

The ease with which Follett’s online fairs are carried out are extremely attractive to school librarians and PTO/PTA event coordinators. Setup time is approximately 10 minutes with no need for forms or handling cash. When creating their fairs, coordinators can now simply choose ship to school, which is free, or ship to students’ homes (costs may vary depending on order size and shipping location).  

Librarians, teachers, and coordinators also are appreciative of the robust eFair rewards program, which can include print and digital purchases from the Follett Titlewave® site, with cataloging and processing. Event coordinators can easily monitor and be notified of purchases as they are made, and also have access to a wide variety of digital tools and resources to promote the event.  

The selection of books are carefully curated to include a focus on inclusive titles, new releases and popular characters, and price points to fit every budget. Event coordinators also can make staff recommendations to feature specific titles to parents in the online fair, while students and teachers each can create online wish lists for the event.  

“We have had an incredible number of coordinators opt for our online book fairs since the start of the school year,” Follett said. “In light of the challenges the pandemic has brought, it is heartening to know everything possible is being done to respond to the students’ love of reading.”  

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